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Our Story


How We Started

BIG NATE'S BARBEQUE & CO. is located in Altamonte Springs, FL, and is a subsidiary of Faith Enterprises Inc. We are family-owned and operated. Back in 1999, the business was founded by Nate and Michelle Ferkovich. They are both from the south and know the true meaning of barbeque. Big Nate grew up in Florida and North Carolina and Michelle grew up in South Carolina. In 2001 we decided it was time to introduce our famous trademarked sauces to the world. We have perfected our barbeque sauces so much so that we can satisfy any and everyone's barbeque taste buds. 

The Authentic Taste

BIG NATE'S BARBEQUE & CO. continues to expand into various states across the US with our four famous barbeque sauces. We currently sell our sauces in over 18 different states including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, Maryland, Washington, DC, Washington State, Tennessee, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, New York, Arizona, Ohio, Delaware,  North Dakota, and several others. It's been said, that Big Nate's sauces have made it to several different countries. Don't get left out, come on and try our great sauce that "Keeps you coming back for more". 

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